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Reggae music was formed in Jamaica during the 1960s and developed from ska and rocksteady. Reggae’s rhythmical style was originally much slower than that of its influences and placed more emphasis on the off-beat rhythm guitar chord chops. As with rocksteady, reggae’s lyrics maintained much of their focus on love, but during the 1970s some recordings began to focus on more social and religious themes which coincided with the rise of the Rastafarian movement. For the best island music in California, listen to our collection of channels that include roots reggae music, lovers rock, and dancehall.

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Live Audio Streaming Solution

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We’re a streaming reggae radio station for culture music and live broadcast, inspired by the hard-working musicians and artists in the music industry. Tune in to listen to reggae hits and an unlimited stream of roots reggae music from various artists around the world. Let your music Rotation be heard! We offer music rotation, airplay with positive exposure for the artists on our blogs and Social Networks. Listen free from our radio app in stores.

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The Ryan Show FM is a globally syndicated radio program broadcasting across 200+ stations worldwide. Tune in at 10 pm EST on Thursdays for celebrity interviews accompanied by a unique variety of music, entertainment, sports, and international news. Join host Ryan Verneuille with co-hosts Mr. Cheeks, of the iconic hip-hop group Lost Boyz, and socialite Hamptons Dave, as they bridge the gap between a wide variety of people and topics each week. From hip hop pioneers to headline-grabbing criminals to sexy strippers and pop culture phenomenon, this unlikely tripod showcases the who’s who of pop culture, bringing listeners a consistently entertaining variety show that truly delivers something for everyone.